Munsell Explorer

2.5R 5.0R 7.5R 10.0R 2.5YR 5.0YR 7.5YR 10.0YR 2.5Y 5.0Y 7.5Y 10.0Y 2.5GY 5.0GY 7.5GY 10.0GY 2.5G 5.0G 7.5G 10.0G 2.5BG 5.0BG 7.5BG 10.0BG 2.5B 5.0B 7.5B 10.0B 2.5PB 5.0PB 7.5PB 10.0PB 2.5P 5.0P 7.5P 10.0P 2.5RP 5.0RP 7.5RP 10.0RP

Pick a hue to view the designated hue page and discover oil paints that exist around that specific hue.