; Shading Series

Shading Series

2.5R 5.0R 7.5R 10.0R 2.5YR 5.0YR 7.5YR 10.0YR 2.5Y 5.0Y 7.5Y 10.0Y 2.5GY 5.0GY 7.5GY 10.0GY 2.5G 5.0G 7.5G 10.0G 2.5BG 5.0BG 7.5BG 10.0BG 2.5B 5.0B 7.5B 10.0B 2.5PB 5.0PB 7.5PB 10.0PB 2.5P 5.0P 7.5P 10.0P 2.5RP 5.0RP 7.5RP 10.0RP

A shading series is good for predicting the color changes that occur across the various planes of a simple form, based on its local color.

Choose a hue-page above to get started. Next you'll be able to calculate a shading series for any Munsell color.